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“In an age of acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow. And in an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention.
And in an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still.”

Pico Iyer


Ecoville is an environment friendly space which encourages organic, sustainable, and traditional practices and welcomes guests to have holistic adventures in the lap of nature.

The family owned farm converted into an art farm where several art and nature centric experiences are curated for guests of various age groups. Ecoville offers a nature clad creative space for artists, experts, nature lovers and
like minded people to experience, learn, share
and co-create, through art workshops, knowledge sharing sessions, interactive performances and educational programs.

Ecoville offers an opportunity to disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature. Our sole intention is to encourage everyone to embrace a lifestyle devoid of excessive digital influence, and understand the science and magic of life and creation through farming.

Imagine a small, family-owned, and hand-nurtured organic farm, just 3 kilometers from the Balewadi stadium in Pune. 

A quaint splash of green located within the city – This is what we are.

Everything grown here is 100% organic. We enjoy an abundance of fresh, chemical-free, and conscientiously grown produce. Sustainability, soil health preservation, the practice of reduce-recycle-reuse, conservation of natural resources, using open pollinated seeds, and implementation of traditional wisdom form the foundation of the concept called Ecoville.


and our team

An avid nature lover, Vidya Achalare has always had an affinity for outdoor spaces and fresh air. She is passionate about gardening, with an emphasis on sustainable and organic growing. 

These are clearly reflected in her vision for the farm where she has planted and hand nurtured all the trees and plants for the past 25 years. Owing to which, the emotional value of the property is unparalleled for the family.

A strong believer of sustainable practices, Rutuja Achalare shares her mother’s passion for all-things-natural and is an advocate of eco-friendly practices, sustainable lifestyle, and green architecture.

Ecoville is an amalgamation of her innate desire to start something new and her love for nature.

Being an artist and having trained in Indian classical dance, she envisioned a space for art and nature lovers to reconnect with nature, spend time outdoors and learn new forms of art. For her, Ecoville is a medium to build a community of likeminded people and share
the abundance that nature has to offer.

Ecoville is a young start-up with a small, young and energetic team.

It is inherently driven to curate and deliver unique experiences for people to find joy by reconnecting with nature. The team loves to collaborate ubertalented artists from different walks of life to offer hands-on workshops, knowledge sharing sessions, curated events and more. The team members bring with them an array of expertise form different sectors such as- art, management, events, farming, psychology, marketing, hospitality etc. The team makes sure that all the events or experiences are planned meticulosly and executed seamlessly, according to the guests requirement. 

It is a team with a vision, and always geared to multitask!


Ecoville is a quaint family owned and nurtured organic farm located within the city of Pune.

The farm today, bears witness to a few decades of loving care, where a variety of fruit growing trees, fresh herbs, spices and
vegetables are cultivated. Lovingly as we tend to our plants, we are attentive and mindful caregivers of animals as well.
We encourage and promote a lot of sustainable practices and the same is reflected in all the little structures
build on the farm. All the spaces are designed to have an abundance of natural light and ventilation, and are constructed
using natural, recycled, reused or reusable material.
A portion of Ecoville has been exclusively reserved for developing a vegetable garden where a variety of organic vegetables,
herbs and medicinal plants are cultivated for kids to experience the beautiful process of growing their own food.
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